BEAR HUNT: Tiny Cubs Killed-See pictures

BEAR HUNT: Tiny Cubs Killed-See pictures

Double-click on this video from YouTube. Photos taken Monday, 12/5/11.

fortheanimals fortheanimals Message fortheanimals
Dec '11

I am not sure I understand the logic of people reacting like this to the Bear Hunt. When one of these bears kill your child in your backyard, let me see how you react. Cubs or not, they are dangerous. The thing I really do not understand is most of these anti-hunters are caught eating a steak, hamburger or pork. Why are you not protecting the baby cow or pig? People are in danger. I have a great idea, lets put you and a bear in a fenced yard together. We give you a gun. Lets see if you can negotiate becoming friends with it. I bet my life you pull the trigger in 30 seconds.

foodchain foodchain Message foodchain
Dec '11

@Foodchain- i could not have said it better....

CanUBelieveIt CanUBelieveIt Message CanUBelieveIt
Dec '11

I am so NOT for this bear hunt. Leave the damn wildlife alone. They deserve to be on this earth to. I will NEVER agree to Deer Season or this Bear Hunt. I guess being an animal lover doesn't help in this matter.

Dec '11

How manly...sit in a tree and shot a bear cub...very cowardly.

Dec '11

Keep in mind, the sympathetic animal lovers know NOTHING of wildlife management. I would suggest that people educate themselves on such things as emaciated wildlife in over-populated areas where food sources are scarce. Or how about the hundreds of thousands of people who feed their families with these animals. Even better, let's take a stab at the pocketbook. When animals are not controlled, property damage goes up (cars, farmers crops, etc.) and so do insurance rates. So let's get over the "cute" and think biologically. If you don't like it, don't participate. It's that easy, and it's a necessity. My suggestion is people should keep their mouths closed unless they can speak educated on the topic. From both sides of the argument.

Dan Dan Message Dan
Dec '11

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